Johannes Fieber Named Incoming President and CEO of Lidl US

Johannes Fieber Named Incoming President and CEO of Lidl US

ARLINGTON, VA - Lidl has appointed Johannes Fieber as its incoming President and CEO of Lidl US, succeeding Brendan Proctor. The retailer plans for Fieber to assume responsibility for U.S. operations over the coming months.

Johannes Fieber, Incoming President & CEO, Lidl US“I am honored to be able to lead our expansion in the U.S. and look forward to building on the progress that is underway,” Fieber commented. “Lidl has received positive feedback from our U.S. customers, who are excited about Lidl’s unique offering and shopping experience. I look forward to continuing our expansion into additional markets this year, and introducing more customers to Lidl’s high quality products and low prices.”

Fieber brings extensive retail experience to the position, having been with Lidl for about 10 years, working for the retailer in multiple countries. Most recently, he served successfully as CEO of Lidl Sweden for more than two years, according to a press release.

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Lidl management thanked Proctor, outgoing President and CEO of Lidl US, for his service. He has led the retailer’s expansion into and throughout the U.S. since June of 2015 when it first established its U.S. headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia. Today it sells its award-winning products across six East Coast states, adding to its total of about 10,500 stores operating in 28 countries.

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