Bobalu Berries' Cindy Jewell Discusses Company Expansion in the Coming Year

Bobalu Berries' Cindy Jewell Discusses Company Expansion in the Coming Year

SANTA MARIA, CA - With 60 years under its belt, it’s safe to say that Bobalu Berries knows a thing or two about navigating the fresh produce industry. Taking its knowledge and applying it to its 2022 growth strategy, the berry supplier has unveiled well-laid expansion plans featuring increased acreage and availability, developing new partnerships, and building out its online presence.

Cindy Jewell, Founder, SC Jewell“We are very pleased that for the first time, we will have fresh berries all 365 days of 2022 from California,” explains Cindy Jewell, Marketing. “Bobalu typically relies fully on fresh volume from Mexico during December after the Santa Maria, California, fall crop ends, and before the spring crop begins in Oxnard, California. However, for the first time in our 60-year history, we added a fall Oxnard crop that will help carry fresh California fruit into 2023. Meanwhile, our crops from Mexico will complement domestic fruit, providing a beneficial overlap during the holidays.”

Adding to the grower’s surge in berry availability, Bobalu will also be upping its summer planted acreage to provide smoother transitions from the spring and early summer to the fall crop. The supplier will be growing its acreage by 20 percent from previous years, keeping volume more consistent to provide its customers with a steady supply and more promotional opportunities.

Well-laid expansion plans are underway at Bobalu Berries as the team celebrates 60 years

Backed by increased volumes, Bobalu will be expanding its foodservice business in 2022, bolstering its presence in the sector at a key time as restaurants reopen following pandemic shutdowns.

“Now that we have this year-round California volume, we can compete in terms of availability as well as on quality and flavor, so, our business is quickly expanding in the foodservice sector,” says Cindy. “We are also enthusiastic that, for the first time, Bobalu will be participating in the annual Foodservice Conference in Monterey, California, as a result. It is exciting to be entering into new segments of the industry to round out our business.”

With increased acreage and availability, Bobalu Berries has the capacity to provide its partners with product 365 days a year

Supplementing these operational expansions, Bobalu is also looking forward to evolving its relationships with consumers through its recently updated website and its social media presence via influencer partnerships and more.

“Consumers are hungry for easy recipe solutions, tips, and hacks, along with information about the brands they align with,” Cindy imparts. “Our added communication and engagement will work to support increased purchases and usage of Bobalu berries by our current and new brand followers.”

 Alongside building out its online presence, Bobalu Berries has been actively pursuing new partnerships to maintain its growth

Although the old adage says that even the best-laid plans can go awry, Bobalu is going into 2022 prepared for the challenges that could be in store following the hurdles that 2021 had to offer—after all, six decades in the industry means plenty of time to hone one’s expertise.

“As we navigate 2022, we are being cautious about our growth, aligning with our customers, and staying focused on the supply side to keep our crops moving,” adds Cindy. “Bobalu has a strong, close team. Challenges will come and go, so we are all coming together to concentrate on growth, strong communication, and packing quality and flavor in every box of berries.”

With all of that said, cheers to 2022 and to Bobalu as it celebrates 60 years of growth and well-earned success!

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