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Index Fresh Team Shares Avocado Culture Through Instagram Takeover

Index Fresh Team Shares Avocado Culture Through Instagram Takeover

RIVERSIDE, CA - The passion behind produce can be seen everywhere nowadays, so long as you know what to look for. Taking to Instagram, Index Fresh has been sharing the culture around avocados and life outside of the office. The company’s Instagram account (@avoterra_by_indexfresh) has seen its participants showing how they live and breathe avocados. In a recent press release, the staff got together to talk a little about their day-to-day lives in and out of Index Fresh and how they’re sharing it through social media.

What subject did you highlight through your Instagram takeover? How were you able to tie in specific things about Index Fresh and life outside of Index Fresh?

Jackie Cerda, Office Manager: With my Instagram takeover, I tied it to my kids. We made it a fun activity. They have their little kitchen, so we pretended to cook. Now every day, they’re asking me about eating avocados and asking to play with them again.

Debbie Willmann, Sales Account Manager, Index FreshDebbie Willmann, Sales Account Manager: I am not very Instagram savvy. I’m a numbers girl and I’m an analyst. So, trying to be creative was a challenge for me. My theme was travel-related, because about a month ago I went to Asia, followed by Seattle and Texas. I’ll be heading to Mexico soon. About 7-8 months ago, I had the opportunity to get involved with our export sales takeover which allowed me to travel internationally, which is something I never would have imagined.

Jessica Chavez, Account Manager, Index FreshJessica Chavez, Account Manager: Index Fresh avocados made their “Where’s Waldo” appearance in my world of baseball, weightlifting, photography, reading, and also joined my love for doughnuts with a desk shot at Index Fresh headquarters.

Does the fruit play into your daily lives outside of work? If so, how?

Belle Yang, Account Manager, Index FreshBelle Yang, Account Manager: Every time I go to a grocery store, I have to pass by the avocados and check them out. At my house, we eat avocados all the time. We make avocado shakes, avocado desserts, avocado toast. Avocados don’t go to waste—I’ll do avocado face masks with my little girls. We have fun with it.

Ashley Castoe, Sales Account, Index FreshAshley Castoe, Sales Account: When there was finally an avocado emoji, every single one of my friends sent me a text that the emoji next to my name was now an avocado. I think it’s really entertaining that my loved ones outside of work eat avocados and they now affiliate it with me. I’ve got to share some of the wild roller-coaster stories of getting avocados on their shelf. It’s kind of fun for me to explain the side that they don’t see.

What's a typical day like at Index Fresh? As members of the Sales team, can you give us an idea of your process?

Debbie: Monday is a busy day. We’ve all had to become really adept at not just moving at a rapid speed, but also reacting in a moment’s notice in a wide variety of situations.

Ashley: We’re usually catching up with our customers. Then, we’re always keeping an eye out for prospects as well.

Instagram post by Ashley Castoe

Debbie: I’m happy to say because we have all been here a long time, we have the strongest team. I’m a little biased, but I think it’s one of the strongest in the industry.

What's the best thing about working at Index Fresh?

Debbie: Number one for me is the customers. I’ve bonded with them over a long period of time. They’ve shown a great deal of loyalty and partnership which is becoming very rare in this business. My job is to make them better. To make them smarter. To grow their business because if their business grows and succeeds, so does ours. So, I really appreciate that challenge, that opportunity, and the relationship that I built with the customers that are not just customers, they’ve become friends.

Instagram post by Jessica Chavez

Ashley: The people at Index Fresh are a great group—hard-working, very intelligent and great role models. Yes, I love avocados, but I think the people here working for the avocado company are what’s making it a little more festive. It’s easy to come to work and it makes the work more fun and enjoyable.

Jackie: The opportunities. There is a lot of room to move up. You’re in the door, and there are opportunities everywhere. You don’t really get too many opportunities in every job. I started as an office administrator. Now, I have the opportunity to work with program accounts. So, it’s a big leap. Being a young mom, opportunities like this reassure that I can do this. The fact that our management gives us the chance to prove ourselves is pretty much everything.

Last question and let’s make it a fun one. How many avocados do you eat in a day/week?

Instagram post by Belle Yang

Ashley: Maybe three to four a week.

Belle: For me, anywhere from one to four for the week.

The company’s Instagram takeover highlights the fact that our industry is made up not only of producers, but of consumers, and these consumers want to see the ins and outs of produce life!

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