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Honeybear® Brands Reflects on Retail Flexibility Amid Pandemic

Honeybear® Brands Reflects on Retail Flexibility Amid Pandemic

ELGIN, MN - It is quite possible that consumers' grocery shopping habits have been forever changed by COVID-19. While the shifting behaviors may have presented challenges at first, our industry’s ability to adapt has proven that we can turn those hurdles into opportunities. Some of the most notable changes in the food industry have shown that regular grocery trips have been replaced by online ordering and trips to the food bank. Even restaurant takeout behaviors have become abundant. So, what are companies like Honeybear® Brands revealing during this unprecedented time?

Don Roper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honeybear® Brands“There were a few weeks where the grocery industry was trying to keep up with supply needs, but we are happy to see things normalizing. Apples are one of the most dependable items in produce and at a volatile time, we are proud and grateful for the experienced hands that keep the supply chain working seamlessly,” Don Roper, Vice President Sales and Marketing, stated. “Access to fresh, nutritious food is critical, so we have been supporting foodbanks and charity partners across the country with fresh apples during this time.”

As Honeybear Brands shared in a recent press release, the company recognizes retailers are working around the clock to keep shelves stocked to the best of their abilities.

Honeybear® Brands reveals why apples are one of the most dependable items during a volatile market

According to the recent study "U.S. Grocery Trends COVID-19 Tracker," conducted by FMI and The Hartman Group from April 29 to May 10, 2020—89 percent of shoppers have made a change in how they shop. On top of that, online shopping with delivery or pickup has undergone one of the biggest changes, with data revealing that 27 percent more shoppers are now relying on these methods.

In addition, the Honeybear team expressed that—according to another study titled "COVID–19 and Fresh Foods Performance," conducted by Category Partners in April 2020—more shoppers are also opting for packaged fruit and at least 46 percent are buying larger packages to cut down on shopping trips. If we look at early indicators, these insights are showing that consumers will keep some of these online grocery shopping habits.

Shoppers could permanently change their grocery habits in the wake of COVID-19, according to reports cited by Honeybear® Brands

To our industry’s benefit, shoppers are stocking up and ordering fresh fruits and vegetables online. As for future indicators providing the industry direction on what is to come, the company adds that many shoppers predict they will increase their online grocery shopping in the next 90 days and decrease their in-person visits to stores, according to Resonate Flash Study, conducted by Win Big Media. Those habits could be changed for the foreseeable future.

For an industry that excels as staying on its toes, I am excited to see how the next challenges that come our way can turn into dynamic benefits for all.

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