Index Fresh Hires Seasoned Sales Representative Susie Rea

Index Fresh Hires Seasoned Sales Representative Susie Rea

RIVERSIDE, CA - As the summer season begins to transform into fall, Index Fresh is transforming its sales team to include industry veteran Susie Rea. With over 23 years in produce sales and strong relationships established around the globe, Rea will be a great asset to the growing company. Her appointment follows that of Steve Roodzant to the role of President and CEO in April.

Susie Rea, Sales and Business Development, Index Fresh“The leadership that Steve brings to the company is very inspiring, and I am fascinated by the experience and unity of everyone within the company and their overall dedication to provide a heightened level of service to the customer that will absolutely have an impact on each and every one of their organizations,” said Rea.

Through her 23-year career in the produce sales industry, Rea has stored a wealth of knowledge that she will now use to bolster sales in her position at Index Fresh.

Index Fresh is transforming its sales team to include industry veteran Susie Rea on its Sales and Business Development team

In her new Sales and Business Development role, Rea will work alongside her Index Fresh colleagues to begin launching new products, building new programs, and working with the diverse group of retailers and growers that the company partners with, according to a press release.

Steve Roodzant, President and Chief Executive Officer, Index Fresh“Susie is an incredibly dynamic sales professional with an excellent track record. Her positive outlook on the future of the avocado business is infectious and we are very excited to have her on our team,” commented Roodzant.

Before her newest role with Index Fresh, Rea built her reputation in the avocado industry, which now precedes her. She previously worked in the Sales department at West Pak Avocado.

Todd Elder, Vice President of Sales, Index Fresh“We’re excited to welcome Susie to the team. Her extensive experience in business development within the industry, and in-depth knowledge of the grower and retail side of the business are significant assets for Index Fresh,” explained Todd Elder, VP of Sales and Marketing.

With so much industry experience, Rea will bring many wonderful assets to the company, and we wish her and Index Fresh the best of luck in their new partnership.

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