The Little Potato Company Unveils New Packaging

The Little Potato Company Unveils New Packaging

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA - Fresh and natural—an approach consumers and the industry have been following after for quite some time now. This outlook has not only brought a deeper focus on the product but on the packaging as well, and The Little Potato Company is keeping both in perspective. I tapped Janet Burton, Vice President of Sales, to discover more about the potato provider’s latest packaging debut.

Janet Burton, Vice President of Sales, The Little Potato Company“We are excited to announce that we have brand new packaging for our 1.5 and 3 lb bagged product line. With this next evolution of packaging, we’re showcasing our fresh Creamer potatoes better than ever before,” Janet tells me. “Our new, fresh, down-to-earth packaging makes it easier to navigate our range of unique varietals on retail shelves thanks to the bold colors, larger freshness windows, and less plastic use.”

Optimized for consumer appeal, the bags have a smaller footprint so more bags can be displayed per linear foot both for on-shelf or in secondary placements to drive incremental sales. The bags can be displayed standing up or laying down, ensuring consistent brand impact and further brand blocking opportunities while the bright, showstopping colors and uniformity across the lineup provide quick and easy recognition leading to a positive shopping experience for consumers.

The Little Potato Company is taking a closer look at its products and presentation, recently debuting a new look for its packaging

Right now, the Boomer Gold, Blushing Belle, Terrific Trio, and Dynamic Duo varietals are already shipping in many regions in 1.5-lb offerings with the 3-lb line expected in mid October. The Little Potato Company’s specialty line will be in-market starting in November with some exciting new varieties to follow.

As consumers are shopping more mindfully, category experts like The Little Potato Company are anticipating those needs, specifically the desire to reduce plastic. The new packaging aims to cut down that plastic use by utilizing 23 percent less plastic in each bag. The larger window on the front and bottom of the pack allows consumers to see the potatoes while the matte finish provides easier readability, with both recipe links and basic cooking instructions on the back.

Optimized for consumer appeal, Little Potato Company's new packaging has a smaller footprint so more bags can be displayed per linear foot both for on-shelf or in secondary placements to drive incremental sales

“We added a beautiful plated recipe shot, making the bag more visually appealing while demonstrating the versatility and ease of preparing our Creamer potatoes,” Janet continued. “However, we’ve kept some things the same, such as our great, reinforcing message from Angela Santiago, our CEO and Co-Founder, and the same UPC for easy transition from old to new packaging.”

Not one to leave retailers waiting, the grower is also planning on launching its 3-lb Holiday Blend again just in time for the busy promotional season. This year, the company is bringing a new, on-pack $5,000 cash consumer sweepstakes. The Holiday Blend Sweepstakes will be promoted through the company’s social channels and digital marketing starting October 29 through to the end of the holiday season.

With a vision as clear as its packaging, The Little Potato Company is a mainstay on retail shelves and a category mover as the holiday season approaches. Act fast to get in on the action.

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