Starbucks Moves Famous Pink Drink to Official Menu

Starbucks Moves Famous Pink Drink to Official Menu

SEATTLE, WA - I live for the secret menu at my favorite foodservice spots; ignite my sense of secrecy with a tasty treat, and I’m sold. So, you can imagine the glee that thousands of consumers are experiencing today as they rush to their neighborhood Starbucks to see their favorite strawberry-centric secret drink on the chain’s official menu for the first time. That’s right, the Pink Drink has made the big move. 

“We’re thrilled that the beloved Pink Drink is joining the Starbucks menu, just in time for the warmer spring months,” said Vivienne Long, Starbucks Vice President, U.S. Retail Beverages, in a press release. “This delicious and refreshing drink is a celebration of our customers’ and baristas’ creativity and is just one of the 170,000 ways we craft beverages to meet each person’s unique taste preferences.” 

Similar to one of my Starbucks go-to orders the Strawberry Acai Refresher®, the Pink Drink infuses the timeless taste of strawberry with accents of passion fruit and acai, stirred together with coconutmilk. Top it off with a scoop of strawberries, and the unforgettable berry pinkness is complete. 

Food & Wine reported that the drink first blasted into online infamy through Instagram last summer, with its rosy color and the pop of berries. The source noted that the biggest social media success from the secret menu is also the first to join Starbuck’s official menu.

The drink is available at participating stores year-round, and also on the Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay app.

If you’re anything like our office today–and a good portion of the U.S., it seems–you’ll also be rushing to your neighborhood Starbucks to collect yourself a strawberry-endowed Pink Drink. 

Which berry will cause a nationwide commotion next? Stick with AndNowUKnow to find out.