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Dan Crowley, VP of Sales and Marketing, Well•Pict, Discusses the ‘A Very Berry Breakfast’ Contest

Dan Crowley, VP of Sales and Marketing, Well•Pict, Discusses the ‘A Very Berry Breakfast’ Contest

WATSONVILLE, CA - Berries and breakfast belong together. That’s why this summer, Well•Pict Berries challenged its fans to submit innovative, original breakfast recipes starring strawberries or raspberries as part of a qualifying event for the 2016 World Food Championships. The winner of the challenge has been selected, and will be competing in the breakfast category at the championships in Orange Beach, AL, in November.

Dan Crowley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Well-Pict

“In choosing a winner for the ‘A Very Berry Breakfast’ contest, we were looking for creativity and uniqueness. We wanted to see a breakfast recipe that was original and delicious - something we hadn’t seen before! The winning recipe was Strawberry Basil Breakfast Fritters with Strawberry Syrup. Not only does this recipe sound incredible, it really brings in the element of creative originality that we were looking for,” said Dan Crowley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Well•Pict, of the winning combination.

The “A Very Berry Breakfast” contest was a Preferred Qualifier for the championship event, ensuring that the selected winner of the contest received a guaranteed spot to compete in the breakfast category, a waived entry fee valued at $300, as well as a travel stipend in the amount of $1,000.

Crowley noted, “We were excited to hold the ‘A Very Berry Breakfast’ contest this summer, and we’re looking forward to having our winner represent Well•Pict Berries at the 2016 World Food Championships this November. We wish her the best of luck!”

The World Food Championship brings together foodies from around the globe, where champions of qualifying events convene for a chance to win a share of the $300,000 prize. The program includes everything from live-event integration to robust multimedia platforms serving culinary stars, home cooks, brands, and destinations. In the past four years, the World Food Championships has awarded more than $1 million in prizes, and launched the careers of several successful contestants.

AndNowUKnow wishes the “berry” best of luck to the Well•Pict winner in its upcoming competition!



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