Albertsons and Safeway Partner With eMeals

Albertsons and Safeway Partner With eMeals

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BIRMINGHAM, AL - With stay-at-home orders continuing to inspire consumers to explore their culinary talents, meal kits and meal planning services are growing ever more popular. Today, eMeals, the digital meal planning service, announced that it will be expanding its grocery lineup to include a partnership with Albertsons and Safeway. With the addition of the two major retailers, eMeals will now offer integrated online ordering from all major national grocers.

Forrest Collier, Chief Executive Officer, eMeals"eMeals has been at the forefront of the online grocery trend since our first integrations nearly three years ago, and we've continued to build out our retailer base to provide the broadest possible choice and coverage for consumers," said eMeals CEO Forrest Collier. "These new integrations extend the eMeals benefits to Albertsons and Safeway shoppers in all 34 states where they operate, providing both meal inspiration and seamless online grocery ordering in a single, easy-to-use platform."

In adding 2,250 Albertsons and Safeway stores to eMeals’ online grocery option, the meal planning service is diving deeper into the surge of e-grocery due to the pandemic. According to a press release, the changes caused by COVID-19 have accelerated online grocery growth by three to five years, and eMeals has seen a 46 percent increase in initial trial users to boot.

Through eMeals, subscribers can send their weekly shopping lists, which are generated by the meal planning service directly to Albertsons and Safeway stores as well as to eMeals' other partners like Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, and all those served by Shipt and Instacart. Shoppers can then have the items delivered or picked up via curbside pickup.

eMeals, the digital meal planning service, announced that it will be expanding its grocery lineup to include a partnership with Albertsons and Safeway

Other member benefits offered to eMeal subscribers include:

  • Curated meals offering weekly variety and easy preparation
  • A choice of 15 food-style meal plans such as Quick and Healthy, Keto, Clean Eating, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Kid Friendly, and Vegetarian
  • The ability to choose meals from any of the weekly suggestions or from past recipe favorites
  • An automated shopping list that combines all ingredients for the selected recipes
  • The option to shop the list in-store or send it to the online grocery service of their choice
  • The ability to sync devices with other family members to choose, shop, and cook meals
  • An average savings of two hours per week and $2,000 per year in grocery spending

Those interested in eMeals can use their zipcode to determine which retailers are available in their area. A membership with the company can cost as little as $5 for a three-to-twelve month subscription.

If you want your store to be a part of this booming business, be sure to get in contact with eMeals to reap the benefits of the growing online grocery market.

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