Whole Foods Market President of Mid-Atlantic Region Backs Moberly Natural Crush

Whole Foods Market President of Mid-Atlantic Region Backs Moberly Natural Crush

AUSTIN, TX - The natural food retail scene has been trending upward for some time now—the success of companies like Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, and Sprouts Farmers Market are concrete proof. There are profits to be made by investing in food providers that can offer the sorts of natural foods that consumers seek out. Moberly Natural Crush, LLC, a natural food company specializing in soybean meal and oil, has received a boost from Whole Foods’ leadership, as Scott Allshouse, the retailer’s President of the Mid-Atlantic Region, will be taking his place on Moberley Natural Crush’s (MNC) Board of Directors.

Scott Allshouse, President, Whole Foods, Mid-Atlantic Region“The natural food industry was built on the backs of small, start-up food companies like Moberly Natural Crush,” said Allshouse. “It’s not that much different from how Whole Foods got started, and I look forward to helping MNC reach its full potential. There is a lot of growth opportunities in this part of the supply chain.”

Having spent his entire career in grocery retail operations, Allshouse was a key executive who helped transform Whole Foods from a regional grocer to one of the world’s largest natural food and organic retailer, according to Moberly Monitor-Index. Since 2012, Allshouse, in his current role, has been responsible for over 13,000 team members across seven states, and he has a company-wide position as a member of the Whole Foods Leadership Team, the news source reports. He started with the retailer as a New Jersey Store Team Leader and quickly transitioned into regional operational positions, before assuming the role of President of the South Region in 2004.

Scott Allshouse will be taking his place on Moberley Natural Crush's Board of Directors as the company seeks growth amidst plans to raise $5 million in its phase two equity drive

“Scott Allshouse provides us the highest level of connectivity to the natural food industry,” Pat Conners, one of the Founders of MNC, commented. “Since 2000, Scott has been on the front line of shaping and implementing some of the strictest natural food standards, and he has played a prominent leadership role in making Whole Foods the industry leader.”

Allshouse will help forward MNC’s strategic growth plan in his new role as a Director, and has plans to foster relationships with Missouri farmers.

Moberly Natural Crush is in a state of growth, and is in its phase two equity drive, with plans to raise $5 million to purchase equipment necessary for operating its soybean processing facility in Moberley’s industrial park.

With this kind of star power on its team, what is in store for Moberly Natural Crush? AndNowUKnow will report.

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