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Wada Farms’ Kevin Stanger Talks Idaho-Grown Organics, Smalls, and Chipper Potatoes

ATLANTA, GA – Wada Farms’ Kevin Stanger, Senior Vice President of Sales, joined us for a short interview to share some of the latest news to come from the Idaho-based potato grower.

The company recently started to debut its new organic program, which features Russet, Red, and Gold potato varieties in innovative, “Tater Made” sustainable bags that are made from up to 25% starch-based renewable content. This program starts in the fall and goes through the spring.

Wada Farms Organic Idaho Potatoes

“We’re also continuing to expand our Smalls program, which are our mini potatoes, along with our Chipper potatoes. They’re specifically made to cut for fresh French fries and fresh potato chips,” Stanger tells us.

Wada Farms Smalls

For more on these exciting programs from Wada Farms, watch our brief, less than one-minute video with Kevin Stanger at the top of the page.

Wada Farms

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