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JAZZ™ Apples Receive Amazing Review From Oprah Magazine

JAZZ™ Apples Receive Amazing Review From Oprah Magazine

NEW ZEALAND - When something is mentioned in the same sentence as Oprah Winfrey, you know it’s a good thing. JAZZ™ apples had recently received what could be the highest praise of honor from OprahMag.com, in which the online magazine described JAZZ apples as “irresistibly crisp and juicy.”

Cecilia Flores Paez, Head of Marketing, North America, T&G Global“We are delighted to see JAZZ apples featured on OprahMag.com,” says T&G Global’s Head of Marketing for North America, Cecilia Flores Paez. “We are long-time fans of OprahMag.com and their message of community and family, so it means a lot for us to see JAZZ apples recommended to their readers as a healthy and delicious snack.”

The digital home of O! The Oprah Magazine featured the JAZZ apple in an article titled “The Surprising Superfruit That Will Jazz Up Your Snack Routine,” where it detailed the five reasons readers should make apples their go-to snack.

Marygrace Taylor, Writer, OprahMag.com“In addition to being sweet and delicious, apples serve up many serious, science-backed health benefits. Especially when it comes to red-skinned varieties like JAZZ apples, which are loaded with antioxidant compounds. They’re also irresistibly crisp and juicy,” penned OprahMag.com writer, Marygrace Taylor.

JAZZ apples are responsibly grown by specially selected growers who adhere to a meticulous, quality-controlled growing program that ensures they are good to eat, long-lasting, and super crunchy. JAZZ apples resulted in $45.9K in sales per 26.6M pounds of product over the past year.

OprahMag.com, the digital home of O! The Oprah Magazine, featured the JAZZ™ apple in an article titled “The Surprising Superfruit That Will Jazz Up Your Snack Routine”

The article referenced studies about apples by both the Mayo Clinic and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It also included JAZZ apples ambassador and Chef Joel Gamoran and his take on this incredible variety.

Joel Gamoran, Chef“JAZZ apples are not only incredibly delicious, but they are also the perfect size for snacking so there are no leftovers and they keep incredibly well in the fridge so there is less spoilage,” said Gamoran.

With a high-quality supply available, T&G, alongside marketing partners CMI Orchards, Rainier Fruit Co., and Oppy, provides shoppers and retailers a consistently excellent apple year-round.

Founded 20 years ago by talk-show megastar Oprah Winfrey herself, O! The Oprah Magazine remains a firm authority in the world of cuisine, health, and wellbeing, according to a press release. And with a name like Oprah Winfrey behind this category performer, retail stores should start getting ready for a huge wave of fans in the near future.

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