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Produce Pro Software Promoting Food Safety Mobile App

Welcome to What's In Store. Produce Pro Software is making life simpler with its new Food Safety App. This mobile app works to eliminate the costly paper clutter of traditional food safety filing methods. It also helps to promote employee accountability, while at the same time ensuring the accuracy of vital food safety records.

Every day, thousands of foodservice employees conduct countless food safety tasks. Whether verifying a cooler's temperature or conducting routine safety checks, the Food Safety App ensures that management is kept in the loop. Data entered into the app is automatically made available to managers with employee specific time-stamped verification. Corrective paperwork can be attached directly to the record and stored securely. In the case of an audit, reports are easily printed. Collectively, this gives managers access to their complete food safety records from the convenience of their mobile device.

The Food Safety App also has built-in employee accountability features. By having an employee scan a location barcode when arriving on site, the Food Safety App is able to verify whether the correct employee arrived as scheduled.

Reception for this software has already been strong, building Produce Pro's reputation as an industry leading supplier of mobile software solutions with each new sale. For every problem, Produce Pro continues to work with its partners to deliver an innovative produce software solution. Thank you for watching What's In Store.

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