Superfresh Growers® Forecasts Strong New Crop Apple Sales

Superfresh Growers® Forecasts Strong New Crop Apple Sales

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YAKIMA, WA - Summer apples remain a top category, keeping consumers coming back for more. Strong Washington State summer apple shipments indicate potentially record demand for apples that will be harvested in the coming weeks. Luckily for retailers, Superfresh Growers® is gearing up to meet that demand.

Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager, Superfresh Growers®“Based on the movement we see—more than 10 straight weeks of +2 million-box shipments—we are encouraging retailers to set early ads on organic and conventional apples, starting in August,” said Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager. “We begin harvest next week and anticipate exceptionally high demand for new crop Gala, Honeycrisp, and other apple varieties. Retailers who carve out plenty of promotional space for apples should earn big sales.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has conditioned consumers to shop differently in recent months. They are making fewer trips to grocery stores and buying more produce per trip. According to the release, the pandemic has increased demand for delicious, healthy, grab-and-go produce items that have strong shelf-life, like apples. And, of course, there has been a surge in online ordering for pick-up and home delivery. Apples are very popular in these programs.

Superfresh Growers® gears up for record demand for apples that will be harvested in the coming weeks

Regardless of whether schools in different regions of the country re-open in August, Gipe-Stewart stated parents will be stocking up on apples for healthy kids’ lunches and snacks.

“Apples are known for their excellent shelf life, convenience, and a good source of vitamin C. I think that is why we’ve seen such strong demand for apples this summer versus other summers,” explained Gipe-Stewert. “Plus, we are seeing a strong desire to purchase U.S.-grown food this year, supporting American farmers.”

Superfresh Growers® noted that the pandemic has changed consumer buying habits, as more are searching for healthy and delicious items with a longer shelf-life, like apples

Superfresh Growers is a leading grower and shipper of both conventional and organic apples, pears, cherries, apricots, blueberries, and kiwi berries from the Pacific Northwest. The grower is a vertically-integrated agricultural organization specializing in farming, warehousing, sales, marketing, and logistics services.

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