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Love Beets Releases New Products

Love Beets Releases New Products

ROCHESTER, NY - Maybe you weren’t able to make it to PMA Fresh Summit this year or maybe the crowded streets of Orlando, FL, ushered you right through the gates of Disney World (on accident). Either way, you missed out on the latest and greatest from Love Beets. The company launched not one but two new products at booth #4248 for 2018’s show—a 1 lb organic beet powder and a Golden Beet-o de Gallo made with golden beets.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Love Beets"Love Beets is dedicated to creating new, interesting products allowing for all consumers to enjoy beets in some form. Our newest product, the Golden Beet-o de Gallo, introduces some other vegetables and flavors making this version of pico de gallo more palatable to some than a plain beet,” said George Shropshire, General Manager. “Love Beets provides a versatile way to prepare, add, substitute, or incorporate beets to the diet without pigeonholing to only providing a traditional beet option.”

Love Beets’ 1 lb offering of organic beet powder is already available at Costco

Love Beets’ 1 lb offering of organic beet powder is already available at Costco, George tells me, and consumers are loving that just one tbsp of the powder carries the nutritional value of three medium sized beets. As for the Golden Beet-o de Gallo, it’s the next in the company’s growing product line of golden beet-based products, keying into that mindset of making beets palatable to all.

“At PMA this year, we focused on highlighting our new golden beet products. We are excited to finally have an assortment of golden beet options, as these products do not stain, which lends itself nicely to the ‘no mess, no fuss’ mentality of the Love Beets product line,” George explained.

The Golden Beet-o de Gallo is the next up in Love Beets' growing product line of golden beet-based products

But these new products aren’t all the company has been working on as we near the new year. George says the Love Beets team is growing and exploring a lot of different avenues to diversify the brand, focusing on providing a wide variety of products as well as a variety of different beets being used.

“We have a lot of new products in the works for 2019 and onward, keep your eyes peeled for new product launches throughout the next year,” George hinted. “This is an exciting time for Love Beets with a lot of wheels turning for future innovations!”

I, for one, will happily keep my eyes peeled for more to come from these beetbuffs. But in the meantime, I will happily much on some Golden Beet-o de Gallo.

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