Love Beets Brings Value to Retailers With Must-Have Products

Love Beets Brings Value to Retailers With Must-Have Products

BALA CYNWYD, PA - When it comes to preferences, I tend to go for the sweeter side of eating experiences. With a vast industry such as fresh produce, there is a certain beauty when companies combine sweet and delicious flavors with an aesthetic pop. Love Beets is a gourmet artisan that comes to mind, producing delicious and attention-grabbing eye candy that shoppers can’t get enough of. While consumers are looking for more avenues of fresh, I tapped Natasha Lichty and George Shropshire for insights on how to navigate this upcoming promotional season with this sweet root, also known as "Nature’s candy."

Natasha Lichty, Brand and Marketing Director, Love Beets“As more importance is placed on healthier eating, produce remains a consistent key player in consumer diets,” Natasha, Brand and Marketing Director, says. “Love Beets has always placed a high value on convenience, and in the new era of back-to-school and parents adjusting to home learning, our ready-to-eat beet products are uniquely aligned with consumer demands for convenient, healthy, and flavorful.”

Whether it be through plant-based diets or exploring food with benefits to compete with traditional medicines, there’s been a growing trend in consumers looking to eat healthier and more mindfully. Nowadays, there is more cooking done at home, and consumers are looking to expand their diets while decreasing the prep work. Beets are already known as a pantry-friendly vegetable, and Love Beets is the answer shoppers are looking for.

George Shropshire, General Manager, Love Beets“Our core product is ready-to-eat. The one-ingredient, vacuum-packed, cooked beets allow for less hassle and prep time in the kitchen while still providing a longer shelf-life than their perishable counterparts in the produce section,” George, General Manager, explains to me. “Right now, retailers are depended on more than ever to guide consumers through the many options available in their stores by clearly showcasing options for potential meals one could create or highlighting the item’s selling points, whether it be nutritional benefits or the growing consumer desire for clearly expressed brand values.”

With fun flavors like Honey+Ginger and friendly packaging, consumers and families can rest at ease knowing that Love Beets products are just the thing kids and adults are looking for.

Adjusting to the e-commerce surge, Love Beets continues to prove itself a formidable supply-side partner for retailers

“Kids enjoy the natural sweetness of beets, making them a great snack for parents to offer without sacrificing nutrition or looking to a more processed alternative,” Natasha continues. “Our ready-to-eat beet offerings are perfect to work into a variety of mealtimes, whether it be a breakfast smoothie mixed with fruit, or a seasonal salad using greens, grains, and other vegetables.”

In this day and age, it helps to have a supplier partner that’s in tune with trends. Not only is Love Beets a great pairing for most dishes, but the digital space has become a major influencer amongst consumers staying at home more often.

Flavors like Honey+Ginger ramp up consumer interest and shopper-friendly packaging transforms interest into sales

“We were able to adjust to the digital shopping surge rather seamlessly due to the fact that our omnichannel optimization projects were already underway. We have really been focusing our efforts on various digital platform advertising options,” George notes. “We are doing what we can as a brand to drive sales from the screen, and we have had proven success in co-branded marketing programs within this sector.”

Consumers are continuously looking for products that hit the sweet spot between nutrition and taste, and Love Beets is the candy man of the industry. Catch up on the latest movements from the industry with ANUK.

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